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Evaluating Enterprises like Wendell Management

The business Model speaks to the true nature of an enterprise, how it is most likely to act rather than how it hopes and intends to act.

So…what is the business model for my work?

I deliver top-drawer professional work to influential individuals and groups to enable top-notch decision-making. As a result, influential individuals refer valued colleagues, associates and clients to me. Note how difficult it is to separate the business model from the marketing model. I can't and I don't.

From Day One, 25 years ago, my professional success has been built directly by referrals from individuals with responsibility and authority, whose recommendations carry substantial credibility with others. I thank all of those individuals to whom I owe the success of my work, people like yourself. Executive and Board-level decision-makers contact me because there's a problem to solve, a dilemma to resolve, a group to move forward… and because someone they find credible (like you) has recommended my work to them.

During the past year, for instance, referrals like this have resulted in:

Consultation and facilitation of strategic planning board retreats in places as diverse as:

St. Helena Island(SC),
Santa Fe (NM),
Yerevan (Armenia), and
Santa Monica (CA)

Consultation to a Fortune 100 Professional Development program

Executive coaching to a number of founders and other top executives, and

Facilitation of a legislative decision-making meeting with 50 public broadcasting CEO’s.

Screening a Consulting Facilitator

Here's what my clients say is needed from a consulting facilitator at your decision-making table:

1. The footing to speak with Board members and CEOs face-to face in your own language.

2. The business-savvy to keep the focus on the mission and the task rather than making content a slave to process.

3. The presence to confront and the credibility to provide frank and effective feedback.

4. The personal flexibility to remember it's about you and the mission, and not me.

It is the power of 'whys' and 'how' with a catalytic mix of advice and counsel that brings the result.

Here's what to expect as a result:

A maximum of plans and agreements for action that is posted in plain sight for all to agree.

Actionable commitments made in the room by all involved, before adjournment, based on a full knowledge of what, when and by whom those commitments will be implemented.

Implementation of those plans and processes with measurable results.

The bottom line is not overnight expressed reports to be unwrapped and assembled by your staff.

The bottom line is implementation of worthwhile missions and objectives, and movement towards the vision.

Facilitating transitions, strategy and implementation at the executive and board levels

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